Safeguarding Policy

You can download a PDF copy of the Safeguarding Policy 2019


The safety of children and vulnerable adults is paramount and all, without exception, have the right to protection from abuse and will be treated with respect and understanding.  All suspicions and allegations will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately and all the festival’s trustees, staff and volunteers have a responsibility to report concerns.



The Festival provides a platform for amateur performance combined with an educational element from professional musicians and speakers.



The Festival is held at schools and The Crossing Centre and Church where there are areas open to the public. The festival is organised and run as a charity by a group of dedicated volunteers, who ensure a safe environment, as far as is reasonably practicable.



This policy relates to children under the age of 18 years and those vulnerable adults of any age who are identified to the organisers prior to their arrival at the Festival.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the Festival organisers of any special requirements with regard to child protection, disabilities and access issues enabling them to participate.

Contact details can be found on this website.



In compliance with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), Festival personnel are checked through The British and International Federation of Festivals for their suitability to work with young people and vulnerable adults.

Volunteer staff are recruited through personal networks and are assessed for suitability by the Committee. Basic Disclosure checks are undertaken.  Contact details are held.  Job descriptions are available for all volunteer roles and are assessed for Enhanced Disclosure Requirements. Private areas are available at venues to discuss concerns.

All Festival staff wear a Festival badge, which shows the Festival and Federation logos.  A sample badge will be on display at the entrance to each session and concert.  Any staff member can be approached with any problems.

A duty log is held at the door for Festival staff to sign in and out at each session, providing the opportunity to record any issues that may have arisen.  Every incident will be taken seriously and recorded in the logbook.  In the event of any allegation, suspicion or incident of abuse, the nominated Duty Manager will be informed immediately.  It is the Duty Manager’s responsibility to take appropriate action and write a report recording the incident.

All staff will be aware of the existence, and will have read a copy, of the policy together with details of their duties prior to the Festival.



The Festival does NOT act in loco parentis.  A responsible adult should accompany any young adult (under 18 years) during attendance at the Festival.

The festival sends this policy out to individual entrants when it sends them the timing of their class(es).  The policy is also sent to teachers with the performance schedule and they are asked to pass on both the times and the policy to parents/guardians or carers.  In this way the festival ensures that everyone who attends is aware of their responsibilities under this policy.

Private teachers will be required to date and sign acknowledgement of receipt of the Safeguarding Policy and its distribution to all parents of involved pupils.

A copy of the Child Protection Policy is available on the website.  Schools will be permitted to download it and make photocopies.  A copy of the policy will also be available at each session of the Festival.  



There are public toilets and limited changing facilities at both venues which are not supervised by Festival staff.  Practice rooms for music are available at Worksop College and Outwood Portland which, also, are not supervised by Festival staff.



A condition of entry to the Festival is that no videotaping or photography may take place.  On occasions the Festival will request permission for Press photographs to be taken.  Press photographers will be escorted by a member of the festival staff.  Any parent who does not wish, or does not wish a young person for whom they are responsible, to be photographed or for their full name to appear in any subsequent press release should inform the Festival staff before attending the Festival or at the latest, on arrival at the session.

 The Festival may from time to time appoint an official photographer to record Festival events.  Permission will be sought for the use of images in this instance.

Audio and / or visual recordings including those made on mobile phones, are strictly prohibited.



The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974; The Children Act 1989;  The Police Act 1997;  The Data Protection Act 2018;  The Human Rights Act 1998;  The Protection of Children Act 1999;  The Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000; The Children Act 2004; The Vulnerable Groups Act 2006; The Children and Young Persons Act 1963 and The Children (Performances and Activities)(England) Regulations 2014.



The Festival organisers will constantly review their policy, revising and enhancing it as necessary.  In doing this they will look to The British and International Federation of Festivals for support and that body, in turn will look to other agencies for good practice, most notably the NSPCC and Arts Council of England policy guidelines.