Festival Rules and Regulations

You can download a PDF copy of the Rules and Regulations 2019



  1. ELIGIBILITY. The Competitive Classes of the Festival are only open to Amateur performers. Professionals are defined for this purpose as those who earn their living by music, speech or drama. Conductors may be professional or amateur.
  2. ENTRIES. All entries must be made on an official entry form which must be completed in every detail and sent to the Entries Secretary Mrs Kath Cowburn 1, Abingdon View, Gateford, Worksop, Notts S81 7RT by the stated closing date, (the form may be photocopied if more are required). All entry forms MUST contain the name, address and telephone number of the entrant and the declaration MUST be signed. We like to have the teacher’s details but this information alone is not sufficient. We regret that we CANNOT accept entries by telephone. Entries by email should be sent to worksopmusicfestival@gmail.com. However, payment should still be sent to the Entries Secretary, as detailed above.

In order to facilitate the smooth running of each class, it would be appreciated if competitors wishing to withdraw from one or more classes would communicate with the Festival Secretary in advance.

  1. MULTIPLE ENTRIES. An entrant may not:
    • perform for more than one group in the same class,
    • make more than one entry in the same class or
    • perform the same piece in more than one class.
  2. GROUP ENTRIES. All ensemble groups of over five performers must be bona fide members of their Choir, Chorus, Society, Church, Chapel, etc.
  3. BEGINNER’S CLASS. Entrants to the Beginner’s Class must not have previously entered the Festival and have been learning for less than 18 months.
  4. GRADED CLASSES. No entry may be made to more than one graded class for the same instrument and entrants must ensure that the class is appropriate to the Grade they have last achieved or the Grade which they are about to take.
  5. FEES. Entry fees must be sent with the entry or, in the case of email entries, separately to the Entries Secretary whose information is detailed in section 2. Cheques to be made payable to: ‘Worksop Music and Drama Festival’. For bank transfers (BACS) use sort code 40-47-21 and account number 70882917 and enter your surname and initial, or organisation name, in the payee reference field. Schools making collective entries may deduct a discount of 10%.
  6. CLOSING DATE. The closing date for all entries is as shown on the syllabus. The Festival Association regrets that it cannot guarantee to accept entries received after this date.
  7. AGE LIMITS. For Solo and Duet Classes the operative date is the first day of the festival. For School Choirs and Instrumental Ensembles it is 31st August of the year of the Festival. Entrants to Open Classes must be over 13 yrs.
  8. OFFICIAL ACCOMPANIST. Where an official accompanist is required for own choice pieces, the accompanist’s copy of the music must be submitted to Mrs K A Cowburn, 1, Abingdon View, Gateford, Worksop, Notts. S81 7RT, by the deadline shown on the syllabus.

    N.B. The Worksop Music Festival has not hitherto made a charge for the use of the festival accompanist. We are trying to work out a system of charging which will be fair to all, easy to understand and to operate. In the meantime, if you would like to use a festival accompanist, perhaps you would consider making a voluntary contribution towards the cost and simply add a donation to the total of your entry fee. – Thank you.

  9. ADJUDICATOR’S COPY. A copy of all own choice material must be handed to the Entrants’ steward on arrival.
  10. RECORDING. For copyright reasons, we regret that we cannot allow the use of video or audio recording or still photography equipment during either performance or Adjudication. Please tell your family, friends and supporters that recording (photographic, audio or visual) is strictly not allowed during festival performances. Mobile phones are to be switched off during performance sessions at the Festival. Thank you for your cooperation.


We are however often visited by local press photographers and we are grateful for the coverage they give us in the interests of the work we are doing. The press is not allowed to take photographs of anyone during their performance. We will allow them to take arranged photographs of individuals or groups of entrants. These may appear in a subsequently published newspaper. If, in the interests of Child Protection, you do not wish your photograph or that of your child to be published please inform the Entries Secretary before the festival session begins. If we do not receive an instruction from you we will assume that you do not object to being photographed.



  1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ENTRY. All accepted entrants will be sent a printed acknowledgement of their entry showing the date, time and venue of their performance. This will also be a receipt for their entry fee and allow them free admission to the appropriate session. Any mistakes in the entry must be reported, via the email address: worksopmusicfestival@gmail.com. The Festival Committee cannot be held responsible for non-arrival of entries for any reason and reserves the right to accept or reject any entry and if necessary to limit the number of entries.
  1. OWN CHOICE PIECES. Any entrant who does not state the title of an Own Choice piece on the entry form or changes the stated title may be allowed to perform for adjudication, but will not be awarded a grade.
  2. ORGANISATION. In all matters relating to the organisation of the festival, the decision of the committee is final.
  3. AWARDS. Entrants will be awarded marks and placed in one of the following categories:



Category Descriptor
90+ Outstanding An exceptional performance, both technically and artistically
87-89 Distinction An excellent performance technically and artistically
84-86 Commended A convincing performance technically and artistically
81-83 Merit A capable performance showing artistic appreciation and/or technical ability
78-80 Moderate A performance showing development of technique and/or communication
75-77 Fair A performance limited in its communication

PERFORMANCES MAY NOT NECESSARILY BE AWARDED A CATEGORY. At the discretion of the adjudicator, entrants may also be awarded 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize certificates.

  1. MUSIC STANDS. One stand will be supplied. Entrants requiring more are asked to provide their own.
  2. ADJUDICATOR. Entrants or members of the audience may only approach the adjudicator through the adjudicator’s steward unless permission is granted by a festival officer.
  3. PERFORMING RIGHTS. The Festival Association has negotiated with the Performing Rights Society in respect of all music printed in the programme.
  4. COPYRlGHT. The only concession allowed for festivals is the making of a copy for an adjudicator of an own choice piece. The original music must be available at the time of the performance and the copy must be destroyed after the performance.
  5. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. All entrants become Associate Members from the date of entry until one month after the closing date for entries to the following year’s festival.
  6. PERSONAL DATA. The personal data supplied on the entry form will only be used for festival purposes in line with the provisions laid out in the Privacy Policy.
  7. FESTIVAL CONCERT. Some winners of certain classes may be invited to perform at a concert on the date as shown in the syllabus. Entrants should be prepared to make themselves available for this date.
  8. CHILD PROTECTION POLICY. The Worksop Festival now operates a safeguarding policy, a copy of which is available on the website and on request. It will be on display at each session of the festival. We ask for the cooperation of everyone to ensure its success and effectiveness.
  9. RESPONSIBILITY. The festival does not act in loco parentis. Please ensure that you, or a responsible adult, provide adequate supervision of your child / children during attendance at the festival. It is the responsibility of the entrant or parent/guardian to inform the Festival Entries Secretary of any entry made for or by a child or vulnerable adult who has a disability.
  10. LATE ARRIVALS. Competitors must be in the performing room 10 minutes before the class is due to start. If you arrive late, a steward will show you into the room at a suitable break. Do not enter the room mid-performance or during the adjudication. No refunds of entry fees can be entertained if you are unable to perform due to late arrival and your entry will be forfeited. If you’ve missed your turn, your name will be called once after all other competitors have finished performing. Once the adjudicator has completed his or her decision and marking, then no more performances will be allowed to start. If you are running late please contact the appropriate venue, details of which may be found on the website and on your acknowledgement of entry email/letter.